Goodix Unveils Under-Screen Fingerprint Tech

In a significant development, the Chinese tech corporation Goodix has unveiled an advanced under-screen fingerprint scanning technology. This breakthrough promises to simplify the integration of ultrasonic sensors in smartphones, challenging Qualcomm’s dominance in this field.

Screen Fingerprint Scanning Technology for Android Devices

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The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Solution

  • Innovation: Goodix’s new “Ultrasonic Fingerprint Solution” aims to revolutionize the market with a cutting-edge sensor that functions accurately even with dirty hands.
  • Collaboration with Vivo: This technology is now featured in vivo smartphones, marking a milestone in the widespread adoption of ultrasonic fingerprint technology.

How It Works

  • Accuracy: Unlike traditional optical scanners, ultrasonic sensors capture detailed 3D images of fingerprints, making them highly secure.
  • Usability: The technology works even with wet or dirty fingers, enhancing user convenience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Goodix’s solution offers affordability without compromising performance.

Implications for Android Devices

Android Devices to Receive Major Fingerprint Scanner
  • Competition: With Goodix’s entry, Qualcomm faces competition in the under-screen fingerprint sensor market.
  • Consumer Benefits: Android users can expect faster, more reliable fingerprint recognition in their devices.
  • Future Prospects: As more manufacturers adopt this technology, it could become a standard feature in Android smartphones.


Goodix’s innovative ultrasonic fingerprint solution promises to enhance security and usability for Android users. Keep an eye out for upcoming smartphones featuring this cutting-edge technology.

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